The Muse of Random

Everybody loves random tables in which dice are rolled and the element represented by the number on the dice must be used.  I like them because they can give you a boost to creative thinking, especially if the element from the table is very different than the current situation.  I wonder if any best-selling authors have used a random RPG table to break out of a writer's funk.  I'm sure they wouldn't admit it even if they did.


So today, let me be your muse. I will come up 10 random ideas based on 5 random words.  Feel free to use any of these ideas in your gaming session or your writing session (don't worry I won't tell anyone).

First the random five words from the generator:  frail, noisy, table (oh my god!), materialistic, reason


  1. Sneaking away from the enemy requires crossing a frail, yet noisy bridge.
  2. At a Las Vegas poker table, the player next to you sneaks you a note under the table that reads "RUN!"
  3. The Queen orders you to track down a thief that has stolen her favorite wine glass.
  4. The frail, old person with a will stronger than steel.
  5. A corpse, dead of starvation, sprawled across a pile of gold.
  6. A dimension where sound is power but silence is the deadliest weapon of all.
  7. You adventure for glory and thrills, and therefore refuse any loot or payment for deeds accomplished.
  8. A tarot table in which readings come true, no matter how the deck is manipulated
  9. Entering the room of sonic screams is enough to shatter the toughest armor.
  10. The outcome of the war for control of the kingdom is finally determined by a battle of song.