Fictive Fun?

You may be thinking, “What an odd name for a blog!”

What does “Fictive” mean?

Well according to, the word “fictive” is an adjective that means: fictitious or imaginary or pertaining to the creation of fiction.

There are many ways in which we humans digest fiction. Television, movies, books, video games, the internet, etc. are all mediums in which we can consume fiction. We may touch on these media now and then but they are not the main focus of this blog. This blog instead focuses on the type of media that doesn’t just feed us fiction but allows us to immerse with it, be enveloped by it, and shape it so that our experience with the fiction isn’t just as the audience but also as a participant. That media is gaming and more specifically, tabletop gaming.


Pen and paper - Fictive Fun

Pen and paper is all you need to be a participant in a grand adventure. Some dice or a deck of cards can also help….oh yeah, and some friends.


I can hear the collective groan from all the way over here.  “Oh god! Another one of these basement nerds with a blog about playing make believe!”

It’s okay.

Most of us “nerds” have pretty thick skins when it comes to harsh words of judgement, but If I may make a defense case against that statement.  What is wrong with playing “make believe” every now and then?  Heck, every weekend people spend millions of dollars to go sit in a dark room and watch people play “make believe” on the silver screen.

Some of us choose to actively participate in the fiction rather than just passively consume it.  We do it because we find it fun.

Therefore I want to write posts about it because I find it fun.

And the definition of ‘fun’?

Well…if you don’t know the definition of “fun”, then you have more pressing issues going on that I am probably under-qualified to assess.


So…what was the purpose of this post?

The purpose of this post was just a quick introduction, what’s with all the questions?

Just kidding. To summarize, this blog is going to be about gaming with the main focus on tabletop gaming. I’m sure video games will also wiggle their way into blog as well but I am not too worried about it.

If you read this far, thank you, and I hope you come again to visit in the near future.  Feel free to comment or make suggestions, because I am still a noob at all this and could use all the help I could get.

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