Swords without Master: Echoes – Session 1

We played a session of Swords without Master last night.  Although we lost a player due to power outage (damn you winter storms) and hit some rough patches due to teaching the game, we still told a fun story (albeit weird, a bit gonzo, and a little rushed at the end).  Here's the video:


If you don't have time to watch, let's gif this motha out:

As the rogues moved towards the badlands, drums beat in the distance


The rogues had to quick step in rhythm with the drums...

marching drum

and shatter an illusion of bones and mirror...

mirror illusion

while avoiding the goopy red quicksand...


and the parasitic worms within...


but having flames burst from your skin helps keep them away

saiyan fire

The rogues found a boat, but then sunk it accidentally

capsizing boat

But found a moving platform to traverse the red sands


And finally arriving a beacon of light in the distance

light beacon


I'll admit I did a poor job GM'ing this game but still had fun and that's what gaming is all about.