So I made a thing. This is Shimmertown, my very first written adventure!  Well, that’s not totally true as I made one called “The Almond Grove” on a previous blog, but that blog is long since dead and buried. But this is the first in pdf format!


Shimmertown was once a bustling city thanks to the flow of velurtium from a nearby mine.  It is now just a remote village in the empty shell of a town that relies on crops to get it through the harsh winter. Those crops are dying and the town is desperate for help.  The mayor has reached out to the adventurers for help.  Will they save Shimmertown?  Or will they hasten its destruction?

Click here for the pdf of Shimmertown


Surprisingly, my inspiration for this adventure came from a couple of Twilight Zone episodes.  The first episode was called “One for the Angels” that touches on death and self-sacrifice while the second episode was called “The Mighty Casey”, about a robot that receives a human heart.  That may seem vague but I don’t like giving spoilers, even for TV shows over 50 years old.

Please feel free to comment on any areas of the adventure and where I can improve for my next adventure.



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