For a quick rundown of what I am doing here see the first couple of paragraphs from this post.

Let’s Start

For character I rolled a 1 which means The Monk will be writing this letter.  Monks are best at Penmanship and bad at Heart.  This monk’s name is Belven Fletcher.  

For skill I rolled a 1 which gives brother Fletcher Inspiration (which once per game gives another die to Language Tests)

Here are Belven’s stats:
Language: 2 dice
Penmanship: 3 die
Heart: 1 dice

For the scenario I rolled a 2 which would be “The King”.  We will be writing to King Gerald V about a suspicious person we’ve encountered in town who may or may not be a spy. 

Here are the randomized ink pot words we can use in our letter:
Funny man/ Curious individual
Big bloke/ Imposing man
Furry lip/ Moustache
Smithy/ Blacksmith
Hidden/ Concealed

I will bold the scoring words and after each paragraph I will denote the score of the paragraph in parenthesis.  The total score will relay the art dealer’s reaction to our letter.

The fate of the kingdom lies in the balance…

To Your Majesty King Gerald V,

Please pardon this meager interruption from a lowly man of the cloth, but I have information that may be of dire consequence to our beloved kingdom.  After reading my morning proverbs, I decided to take a stroll in the cloister’s northern garden when something caught my eye.  A rather a curious individual was searching for something among the hedge across the road.  (2 points)

I hid myself behind a large maple tree and watched him for a while.  Using a small spade, he began digging in the dirt under the hedge.  This big, sweaty bloke would occasionally stop digging and look around as if he was nervous of being watched.  After a few minutes he pulled something from the earth that was wrapped in cloth. (0 points)

In great haste the man filled the hole with dirt and packed it down with his fists.  He stood, looked around once again, peeked at the hidden object before stuffing it beneath his robe, and strode off towards town.  These irrational acts spurred me to follow the man to town.  One can never be too safe in these dangerous times with many spies and enemies to our kingdom. (1 point)

I prayed as I walked.  Asking the good Lord to hide my intentions and for forgiveness of my deceitful act although I knew I needed to do this for the good of the kingdom.  Once into town, I was able to finally see his face as he stopped to help a woman whose basket had torn, spilling onions onto the street.  I never seen this man before, he had a blonde mustache, which is rare in our kingdom full of dark hair and tan skin.  But I fear he may have become suspicious of me as we caught eyes for the slightest of moments. (3 points)

The man continued to the edge of town and stopped at the blacksmith.  The blacksmith stepped out and the two began to speak.  Their voices melted down to a whisper as the conversation progressed.  The man revealed the hidden object to the blacksmith which made the blacksmith angry.  He yelled for the man the leave.  After a few protests, the man quickly turned away and left.  I know this man has to be a spy and our enemy. As he passed me, I could feel his eyes tearing into me like blades of anger.  I have faith the Lord will watch over me but yet I still feel uneasy as I pen this letter to you.  I fear my life, and our kingdom, may be in grave danger. (2 points)

With Reverence to God and King,
Belven Fletcher             

So how did we do?

We scored a total of 8 points which means we receive a letter from the King’s court thanking us and paying us for the information!  Brother Fletcher surely donates the money to the coffers of the church

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