For a quick rundown of what I am doing here see the first couple of paragraphs from this post.

Let’s Start

For character I rolled a 3 which means The Poet will be writing this letter.  Poets are best at Language and bad at Penmanship.  Her name is Elisabet Ramellat.  

For skill I rolled a 3 which gives Elisabet Augmentation (which once per game gives another die to Heart Tests)

Here are Elisabet’s stats:
Language: 3 dice
Penmanship: 1 die
Heart: 2 dice

For the scenario I rolled a 2 which would be “The Art Dealer”.  We will be writing to an art dealer regarding our interest to buy a portrait but have reservations because of the rumors that the portrait is a fake. 

Here are the randomized ink pot words we can use in our letter:
Tick you off/ Offend you
Fake/ Reproduction
I’m sorry/ I apologize profusely
The Prince/ His Royal Highness Prince Edward IV
Fountain/ Great Fountain of Aleah

I will bold the scoring words and after each paragraph I will denote the score of the paragraph in parenthesis.  The total score will relay the art dealer’s reaction to our letter.

Let’s make a deal…

Dear Madame Bowbridge,

Mere hours ago I was sitting at the plaza enjoying the warm spring afternoon when I was happily surprised by an old friend, Maurico Bentelli.  There, in front of the beautiful fountain we sat on the bench and chatted for quite a while.  The conversation moved to my art collection and Maurico mentioned you were selling a portrait in which I may be interested. (0 points)

I apologize profusely if him casually advising me about this painting is beyond your scope as an art dealer.  But to tell the truth, I think the timing for both of us could not be better.  My businesses have seen great returns in recent months and money will not be of issue. (1 point)

The painting I am referencing is none other than the rare portrait of his royal highness Prince Edward IV.  I am excited to learn that you have this portrait available and I believe it can be the centerpiece of my growing collection.  But I may have to pry… (2 points)

As you are sure, those of us that deal with rare arts must be careful without the verification of such pieces.  Rumor has it that the original portrait is still within the possession of the original artist.  Which would mean any other portrait could be an elaborate reproduction.  Perhaps you could tell me a bit how you procured the piece. (2 points)

I pray that I did not blatantly offend you with that last inquiry.  I am just exhilarated to have the opportunity to purchase such a fine work of art.  I look forward to your response and a meeting sometime in the near future. (2 points)

Best Wishes,     
Elisabet Ramellat

So how did we do?

We scored a total of 7 points which means the dealer took some offence but is still willing to sell for double the price!  Good thing Elisabet really want’s the painting and has the funds to do so!

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